The cities change their skylines with ambitious and impressive accomplishment architectural, symbol economic hegemony, cultural or national expression of more advance technology and the most daring engineering.

Within the kiln maintenance activity scheduled for summer 2014, Holcim (Italia) S.p.A. placed an order to Contimpianti S.p.A. for the revamping of the two filters dedusting the Polysius HAPRA crusher for production of lime- stone that is destined to the raw meal grinding line of the clinker kiln and the additives feeding line to the cement mills.

Teamnetwork renews its online presence with a new Internet website, providing a modern layout and impact. A responsive website, functional and accessible from any navigational platform.

We have dedicated this edition of the magazine to everything in motion, everything that changes: the new Teamnetwork website, the Rosetta space mission, street food, the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trophy Europe, metamorphic and chameleon like buildings that populate city skylines, and many other topics.

We eat on the street for centuries: by ne- cessity, to make quickly, to save money.

The street food is not only the prerogative of New York, Instanbul or Paris. It’s an “alive” gastronomic realty that crosses and joins Italy in an ideological “road of taste”.Virtual, has compiled a list of “Top ten best street food cities” in the world and Palermo is ranked at fifth place.