Our company SPERO srl has been asked by the cultural-political association “Tempi Nuovi” (New Times) to rent for two days (6th and 7th June) the space of the former industrial firm, in order to organise a convention.

Teamnetwork renews its online presence with a new Internet website, providing a modern layout and impact. A responsive website, functional and accessible from any navigational platform.

We have dedicated this edition of the magazine to everything in motion, everything that changes: the new Teamnetwork website, the Rosetta space mission, street food, the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trophy Europe, metamorphic and chameleon like buildings that populate city skylines, and many other topics.

The chair is useful, stable, solid, comfortable. The chair supports and sustains us in performing many activities, but it has no initiative, takes no risks, does not reveal itself, has no goals.

The Industrial symbiosis platform is an ENEA project created with the objective to promote the exchange of products and byproducts via an established network.