Doing business is developing productive and economic activities that have man as protagonist. The company already fulfil a social role, because it creates employment and establishes contact with the territory in which it operates. Where is the opportunity of delivering added value to the territory that is perceptible and useful? The answer is “through awareness”: only through this can it go further.

A new objective has been reached in the field of company certification since 2 July of this year.

The JV between Teamnetwork and CmCelje continues and increases the opportunities for the two groups to collaborate on the management of quarries, especially in the Velika Piretica quarry, in Slovenia.

The summer heat has not yet abandoned our country as we return to work with determination and enthusiasm as always.

2009 opens with some important innovations in how we communicate.
TEAMNETWORK has decided to start its season of meetings by offering its community a cycle of information, communications and updates through the most modern web service: a Newsletter.