Sicily is an official partner of Expo Milano 2015 as the leader of the Cluster BioMediterranean, a large area dedicated entirely to biodiversity and the Mediterranean diet.

In addition to the pavilions representing participating countries, the uniqueness of this World Expo is the formation of nine sectors known as Clusters, each devoted to food chains and associated themes.

The defined Clusters are specifically “Agriculture and Nutrition in Arid Zones”, “Islands, the Sea and Nutrition”, “Rice”, “Cocoa”, “Coffee”, “Fruit and Vegetables”, “Cereals and Tubers”, “Spice” and “Bio-Med”, the latter of which Sicily is the leader.

In addition to Sicily, the Bio-Med Cluster includes Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia and Tunisia. This cluster takes up a space of 7,330 square meters, of which 1,900 are dedicated to the common area.
Because of its geographical location and its history, Sicily is the cultural ideal liaison between Italy and the extraordinary wealth of experience of the peoples of the Mediterranean.

The Expo theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” features Teamnetwork Ltd., which has long developed activities to support and protect the environment.

Teamnetwork is present at Cascina Triulza in Expo2015 with their successful project for 42 MGW. photovoltaic greenhouses.