With the involvement of a significant number of relatives, the Albatro under 16-year old team has invaded Follonica, a wonderful seaside town located on the coast of Tuscany.

The match-up has not been entirely successful, with the team confronting the Pressano, the Trieste, Modena and Monteprandone handball teams, which were well equipped physically and endowed in no small measure, especially in these categories.

They experienced four defeats, but despite the results, these youngsters were well behaved and played great handball, being orderly and quick. The Albatro Teamnetwork team was one of the youngest one, with boys having ages ranging from 12 to 16 years old, a very young team with a promising future and of which much will be said.

Thefactorthatdefinitelyencouragesthis company in this endeavor is the family commitment to this project, which has been following closely all season: a sign of the social interaction that the company promotes with families.

Now these youngsters are free to enjoy a well-deserved rest, pending the resumption of their activity on the handball court.