In a climate of growing globalization, companies have to reconsi- der their objectives and adapt their strategic plans.
In a world where the development of communication systems, of transport logistics has led to the opening of markets which are geographically distant but with low production costs, competition, often based on price, has to use other elements as levers. Factors such as product quality and customer response time thus take on great importance.

The cement market, at worldwide level, is subject to tension in two opposing directions.

Teamnetwork grows:Joint Venture with Cm-Celjed.d.

Teamnetwork has further enriched the range of its skills and professionalism with the recent signature of a Joint Venture agreement with the company CMCelje d.d.

Over the last few years the company has focused its advertising campaign, to launch the Teamnetwork brand, also on international magazines such as “World Cement”

In 2007 Teamnetwork developed a team building course for 15 of the group’s top managers. The course consisted of 12 meetings which were held once a month.