2022 is an important year for our company: we will celebrate 70 years in business;  a truly important goal that represents an example and a testimony of professional ability and dedication as well as ethical values.

A consolidated presence, such as that of our company, takes on even greater importance in a complex economic context, characterized by a persisting crisis - so much so that it can be defined as structural and no longer just short-term - attributable to an era of profound and radical transformations.
To withstand the impact of these phenomena it is necessary to demonstrate and pursue creativity, innovation on a strategic, productive and organizational level every day;  but for this very reason, "Doing an enterprise" today means great seriousness, professional commitment and passion.
It has been 70 years of purposeful goals, choices and sometimes daring changes;  70 years of constant commitment and many satisfactions, as well as years of great sacrifices and abnegation.

We want to consider this anniversary just one stage of the path we have undertaken, convinced that there are many others to be achieved, with the same enthusiasm and resilience that have motivated us from the very beginning.

2022 will be a year full of celebrations and initiatives to create a year-long happening in compliance with the regulations for the pandemic.

We have created a celebratory logo for the occasion and have put on the agenda a series of activities that will be organized throughout the year.

The spirit is to celebrate the pride of an entrepreneurial intuition of Esquire Alvaro Di Stefano.

An entrepreneurial intuition that today, in addition to being a company, an organization, an economic reality of considerable value, is above all a great intangible heritage made up of security, solidity and a future for us and for our families.

Since the establishment in the early 1950s, today we are in the third generation with a renewed commitment, a more mature approach and above all an incredible pride in having contributed with seriousness and courage to the reality we are today.
Thanks to our customers, thanks to our collaborators, thanks to our suppliers, thanks !!