A step forward in green chemistry: collaboration with CNR and UNICT

Thanks to the work of our research and development office, we are excited to present the fruits of joint research in the field of environmental sustainability: through collaboration with the National Research Council and the University of Catania, an innovative catalytic matrix for the capture and conversion of CO2 into high-value compounds has been developed.

Through cutting-edge synthesis processes, a catalytic matrix with a porous and highly efficient structure has been achieved, with results demonstrating a high CO2 conversion yield of up to 99%. Moreover, the catalytic matrix has shown high stability even during repeated reaction cycles, paving the way for promising large-scale applications.

Explore the details of the research for a more sustainable future

If you wish to delve into the details of this groundbreaking research and its implications for environmental sustainability, don't miss the scientific publication. You will discover how this innovative catalytic matrix can help revolutionize the industry, promoting more sustainable and responsible chemistry for our planet. A significant step towards a greener and more prosperous future for all.

Join us in supporting Scientific Research, Sustainability, and Green Chemistry for a better world for future generations.

√ Euro-Mediterranean Journal Paper Award
√ Solvent-free conversion of CO2 in carbonates through a sustainable macroporous catalyst