Denmark, which opened the world's first transboundary CO2 storage site in 2024, is one of the most advanced European countries in decarbonization and storage processes. In this highly competitive, selective and innovative regulatory context, Aalborg Portland A/S has awarded Teamnetwork the realization of an automated storage plant (EPC) to co-mill limestone at its Aalborg plant, which is among the largest in Europe.

Indeed, by increasing the use of limestone in the white cement grinding process, it is possible to reduce the consumption of clinker and proportionally reduce CO2 emissions within the production process.

All engineering and site activities were carried out by Teamnetwork human resources, also with the support of local companies and with the full achievement of the goal: Zero accidents, Zero injuries.

With a capacity of 6,000 Tons, the automated storage system is fully functional. Vehicles approach the shed and traffic lights guide them to unload. The fully automated overhead crane, thanks to a network of sensors, moves the limestone from the discharge pits to the storage area or to the hoppers that, through dosing systems and conveyor belts, feed the cement mills.
Teamnetwork also designed and realized a customized solution to minimize dust emissions and meet the target parameters of 9 mg/Nm³, employing as many as five dedusting units, complete with filters, fans, rotary valve and screw conveyors.

Thanks to Teamnetwork's commitment, expertise and synergies with the Aalborg Portland staff, the new plant that meets the strictest energy efficiency standards is now fully operational and capable of excellent performance.