FICEm APCAC PANAmA 8-11/09/2008

The FICEM-APCAC congress was held in September in Pana- ma, for the first time bringing together FICEM (Inter-American Federation of Cement) and APCAC (Association of Cement Producers of the Caribbean, which is made up of 36 manufacturing companies, 15 institutes, 6 associations and represents 28 countries).

The “room of Legality” was inaugurated on 3rd June 2008 at the Police Headquarters of Augusta.

The event described in this brief article is part of the corporate project to “maintain and develop relations and collaboration with secondary schools”. On 14th February 2008, our group, with the endorsement and active collaboration of the management of the Augusta plant of Buzzi Unicem, organized a guided tour of the limestone quarry of Costa Giggia and the plant, for a group of students from the Istituto per Geometri Nervi di Lentini, accompanied by Professor Aurelio Auteri.

Athena Palace, the group’s tourism company, together with Eliant, a cultural firm, organised “Nature encompasses art”, an event consisting of various nature, cultural and artistic initiatives.