Teamnetwork is a brand that represents the synthesis of the many years of experience of men and companies specialized in the construction of civil and industrial works and services, in particular in the cement sector, in renewable energy and in the real estate sector.

A multidisciplinary growth path that has led the company to feel the need to build a unique visual identity around itself, manifesting the philosophy and values ​​that are the basis of its modus operandi.
The 2021 rebranding of the new logo contains the TEAMNETWORK brand lettering in a single interpretation.

The rebranding work began in November 2020 through brain marketing strategies, the creation of an institutional video, the design of a digital strategy and a social editorial calendar with storytelling aimed at the awareness of the new brand.
The goal of the coming months is to strengthen the new corporate brand with campaigns aimed at the recognition and notoriety of the new brand.
A historical-graphic union that will culminate with the celebration of 70 years of TNW activity in 2022.


Rebranding presentation video